Are you wanting to make changes to elevate your wellbeing? Wanting to get healthier, move more, eat better, sleep better, and feel better about you? Or perhaps you're feeling out of sync with yourself and want to reconnect and find clarity around who you are and where you are heading?

I'll help you get back in control of your life, at a pace you are comfortable with.

The coaching process is designed for you to connect with what drives and motivates you. Through this emotional connection you'll be able to create the change you want in your life. With my caring nature and insightful intuition, I'll help you take charge of your wellbeing.

How it Works

Schedule in a FREE 30minute discovery call with me, Sarah Nash, so we can establish your wellbeing goals. And importantly if there is a good rapport between us as this is fundament for our coaching partnership.

We'll also discuss how many sessions you may require to reach your goals.

When you book in your call you will also be asked a few questions which will help provide me with some background information ahead of our conversation.

Let's start this journey!

Investment Options


What is coaching?

At its heart, coaching is about helping individuals become more self-aware and achieve their goals Through curiosity, intuition and thought-provoking conversation, our coaching partnership will help you to unlock your potential. It will empower you to live your best life, and feel fulfilled.

Are you qualified?

Yes! I have the following, formal qualifications:

· Auckland University of Technology · Bachelor of Communications
· PreKure Health Coaching Certificate
· Yale University certificate in the Science of Wellbeing
· University of Michigan certificate in Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life

Alongside these internationally recognised qualifications, I have also been on a lifelong journey to discover more about self development, from leaders in the field through workshops, seminars, books and podcasts.

How is my privacy protected?

Rest assured, we follow the International Coaching Federation (ICF) guideline of ethics – so anything we discuss is strictly between you and I. I also have a privacy policy, please see.

Where do you coach from?

There are two options – we can run the sessions over Zoom or you can come to my office in Napier, New Zealand.

How many sessions will I need?

The coaching sessions are 45 minutes. At your discovery session we will determine how many sessions you need in order to achieve your wellness goals, but the minimum is four sessions.

How do you run the coaching sessions?

It is important to know that you will be doing most the talking in our sessions; you are the lead. I’ll be there to ask the right questions, to challenge you, hold you to account for the decisions you make and provide advice and tools to help you on the path you’ve chosen.